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Ed Chavez September 26, 2007 13:07

CFX or CFDesign
Does anyone have experience using either one of these CF packages? We will be purchasing one of these software's to run analysis on flow, thermal heat transfer, as well other simulations. Having no experience in either one, I'm looking for some advice on which package is better. I've heard the meshing capabilities of CFX cannot be match by that of CFDesign, is this true. I'm needing some feedback to make an informed decision.

Thank you,

Ed Chavez

Nari September 26, 2007 15:41

Re: CFX or CFDesign
CFDesign is using FE methodology against most common sofware using FVM. And FV methodology is the best for CFD now..

So if i were you, i will decide to purchase CFX..

now i dont use any of them..

Ahmed September 27, 2007 06:04

Re: CFX or CFDesign
CFDesign reads native files produced by proE, a big advantage.

Mayur September 27, 2007 06:46

Re: CFX or CFDesign
See if u r looking for highly accurate results go for CFX but if u want to use it for upstream design validation/trendline work go for CFDesign...

I personally feel that FEM/FVM does not matter... for ur case CFDesign may be better..

ddit October 1, 2007 07:59

Re: CFX or CFDesign

I've worked with both packages. CFdesign more recently. I think both will give you an accurate answer. CFdesign is indeed easier to use especially regarding meshing. If you need to model very high level problems(combustion, chemical reaction..) and you want to become a CFD-specialist you should go with CFX. Just for solving flow and thermal problems while being an engineer I think you better choose CFdesign. Hope this helps,


Mark October 4, 2007 18:35

Re: CFX or CFDesign
Any comparisons betweek CFDesign and Flomerics? We had a demo from each this week. We do "simple" chassis designs with fans blowing across components that are generating heat, and we need flow visualization and temperature and pressure profiles. CFDesign seems to work great with Pro/E models, but the topic of FEM vs FFM came up from the Flomerics guy.

Any thoughts?

ddit October 5, 2007 03:52

Re: CFX or CFDesign
Do you mean Flotherm sold by Flomerics? I think Flomtherm works good with very simple geometry (blocks). But as far as I know Flowtherm allready struggles when for example the fan is places with a non rectangular angle on the box. The FEM-Method CFdesign uses is MUCH more flexible. Maybe if you just have rectangular shaped geometry the FVM is a bit faster regarding runtime. But can you be sure that you never want to build rounded or angular devices? I cannot say much about usability as I don't know Flowtherm good enough. But as far as I know Flowtherm is said to be more an expert tool for full time users. CFdesigns aim is to be a good fit for engineers.

Mark October 5, 2007 08:01

Re: CFX or CFDesign
Actually, the program is EFD.Pro from Flomerics. Flotherm did not have the CAD interface we required.

mic October 18, 2007 04:26

Re: CFX or CFDesign
I used both CFX and Cfdesign. They are two different products with different architecture and aims. EFD lab is more similar to CFdesign. One is not better than the other, it depends on your aims.

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