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Mohamed GUEROUACHE October 19, 1999 11:45

Confined or moving cylinder

Does any one have some references concerning numerical studies of laminar flow around fixed cylinder in confined channel or moving cylinder in infinite medium. In both cases, the Reynolds number (calculated with the cylinder diameter and the inflow mean velocity) which interests me is between 50 and 300.

Thanks for your help and time consideration.


Sergei Chernyshenko October 23, 1999 15:20

Re: Confined or moving cylinder
Dear Mohamed,

The best (so far) steady solutions were obtained by Fornberg. Note however that in the Re range you indicated the steady flow becomes unstable. I hope you can find non-steady stuff in the paper by Koumoutsakos & Leonard.

Sorry for the funny format of Formberg references, this is just a portion from my paper prepared with LaTeX, that is why.

Hope this will help.



\refer{Fornberg B}{ 1980}{A numerical study of steady viscous

flow past a circular cylinder}{J.~Fluid Mech.}{98}{ No.~4,

819--855} \refer{Fornberg B}{ 1985}{Steady

viscous flow past a circular

cylinder up to Reynolds number 600}{J.

Comput. Phys.}{61}{ 297--320}


Fornberg B,~(1987), {Steady viscous flow past a cylinder and a sphere at high Reynolds numbers,}{ in: {\it Boundary-layer separation. Proc.~IUTAM Symp. London, Aug.~}26--28, 1986.}

\refer{Fornberg B}{1988}{Steady viscous flow past a sphere at high Reynolds numbers}{J.~Fluid Mech.}{190}{ 471--489}

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Koumoutsakos, P. and Leonard A. (1995) : High Resolution Simulations of the Flow Past an Impulsively Started Cylinder Using Vortex Methods , J. of Fluid Mech. , Vol. 296, pp. 1-38.

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