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Nari September 26, 2007 15:30

CFD for high speed craft
Hi everyone.

I want to simulate the 6 dof motion of high speed crafts. Have anyone any experience in this field?

And which software do you advise for me to simulate this mtion?

thanks already...

Peter September 27, 2007 16:57

Re: CFD for high speed craft


margarita September 28, 2007 05:34

Re: CFD for high speed craft

What is your Mach number?


ubik September 30, 2007 09:57

Re: CFD for high speed craft
Star CCM+ or Comet

Peter September 30, 2007 14:39

Re: CFD for high speed craft
Dear Ubik,

Minor problem ...

The current release of STAR-CCM+ is 2.08 and it does not include 6DOF. Once a particular gentleman returns from holiday to CD-adapco Nuremberg it will shortly be added to the beta version of STAR-CCM+ v3. Do not expect 6DOF in CCM+ to be a supported feature until the second half of 2008.

Steve MacDonald at CD-adapco has ordered that Comet no longer be sold.

With STAR-CD, good luck on getting the user code to work in a timescale that allows you to turn the project around.

This leaves Fluent and the new kid on the block or Fine Marine from Numeca. However, Fine Marine is unproved on this new feature. 6DOF is completely new for the next release in November 2007.

I would agree that CD-adapco should be the first choice for 6DOF software, but the current position of this outfit as it makes the transition from STAR-CD to STAR-CCM+ allows the competition to have a better market position.


Nari September 30, 2007 19:30

Re: CFD for high speed craft
Thanks everybody..

Now I use STAR-CCM+.. so i must wait until second half of 2008 as Peter said.. :):)

Again Thansk...

RG October 5, 2007 23:07

Re: CFD for high speed craft
I have done simulations (not 6DoF exactly). My case was axisymmetric problem. I used CFD-FASTRAN from ESI-CFD group. It has the 6 DoF currently availble and very much user-friendly. It uses the chimera mesh scheme also. I could do meshing on complicated geometries easily with the use of chimera meshing scheme, and I successfully simulated a problem on a ballstic range simulator which I initially thought impossible to do at all!

Peter October 11, 2007 11:53

Re: CFD for high speed craft
Nari never really defined what kind of high speed craft he was interested in. If it is a high speed boat planning on water then CFD-FASTRAN may not work out because I cannot see the capability you talk of being coupled to free surface dynamics in this code.


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