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lee September 27, 2007 04:30

visualize turbulence
Hi there, Actually I'm not from mechanics or CFD. I'm graduate student of computer science. I'm interested in modeling and visualizing turbulent flow for 3D graphical application. Since hugh number of materials can be found in CFD, I do not have good idea of which could be good starting point.

I'm focusing on how to generate different size of swirling eddies and control them (e.g., dissipation or intensity). When the user exerts some forces (rotational or translational), turbulent effects are generated accordingly. This is my goal for graphics projects. As you might know, visually ok is more important than physcially accurate for graphics.

Based on a few papers I've read, I'm currently thinking of stochastic models(e.g. langevin) to be coupled with typical NS model. Does it sounds right approaches for what I want to model? But, I cannot get some sense of how it works for creating swirling eddies and energy transfer between them with SDE method.

Definitely I need to learn more about turbulence modeling. If you guys could give me any suggestions or advices (like good materials or pointers to other direction) or anything that should really help. Thank you so much!!

Thanks, Lee

Ahmed September 27, 2007 06:00

Re: visualize turbulence
difficult, but I guess you can try to read the first two chapters of the following book: Turbulence, an introduction for scientists and engineers P.A. Davidson Oxford University Press Enjoy the reading and Good Luck

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