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Val October 12, 2007 19:02

Pros and Cons for CFX, CFdesign, COMSOL

Below are the pros and cons that I have been able to gather from reps and websites for these 3 packages.

I would appreciate some insights based on your experience to help me select one of these (CFX, CFdesign, COMSOL)

Multiphase flow

- Pro = CFX, COMSOL; Con = CFdesign

CFD-driven architechture (vs multi-physics approach)

- Pro = CFX, CFdesign; Con = COMSOL

Methodology used (which one is best?)

- FV = CFX; FE = CFdesign, COMSOL

Native Pro/E files

- Pro = CFdesign; Con = CFX, COMSOL

Dynamic manipulation of graphic results

- Pro = CFX, COMSOL; Neutral = CFdesign; Con = COMSOL?

Ease of use (for development Engineers w/ 0-3 years CFD experience - i.e. FloWorks)

- Pro = CFdesign, CFX; Con = COMSOL

Other modules (beyond CFD and Heat Transfer)

- Pro = CFX, COMSOL (i.e. acoustics, non-linear FEA); Con = CFdesign

Tech Support

- Pro = CFX, CFdesign; Neutral = COMSOL; Con = none

Future improvements

- Pro = CFX; Con = CFdesign; TBD = COMSOL


- Pro = COMSOL,CFdesign; Con = CFX

M October 12, 2007 19:18

Re: Pros and Cons for CFX, CFdesign, COMSOL
CFX also supports Native Pro/E Files in the exact same way as CFDesign.

derrek.cooper September 1, 2010 22:28


Originally Posted by M
CFX also supports Native Pro/E Files in the exact same way as CFDesign.

M.. I agree CFX can work with Pro/e geometry. But, not at all the "exact same way as CFdesign".. I'm not pitching one over the other. They do it completely different with two completely different philosophies and user personas...

Fluidyn June 10, 2011 02:20

Fluidyn CFD+Multi-physics tools
fluidyn-MP is an interactive platform which uses the advantages of both Finite Volume Method (FVM) to solve fluid flow problems and Finite Element Method (FEM) to solve structural and acoustic related problems.

Eulerian-Lagrangian and Eulerian-Eulerian models are available for multiphase flows. Volume Of Fluid (VOF) method is used to solve free surface flow problems. Separate model is available to simulate combustion process. Various eddy viscosity turbulence models are available.

Both surface and volume porosity based problems can be attended by fluidyn-MP. Local Thermal Equilibrium (LTE) and Local Thermal Non Equilibrium (LTNE) models are available to simulate heat transfer in porous medium. Anisotropy dispersion model is available for solute transport. Phenomena like boiling; condensation, melting, and solidification can also be solved. fluidyn-MP can deal with complex physical phenomena like electrolysis, and Magnetohydrodynamic flow with very high Hartmann number

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