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Hatef October 23, 2007 08:12

RSM shortcoming in onset of Turbulence
Hi I am working on transition process to turbulence on laminar separation bubble (LSB) due to favorable pressure gradient of geomtry for instance on the top wall of airfoil SD7300 in low Re and low angle of attack. I am wondering if you have any experience in this case or not. but my question is that when you work with original RSM of Wilcox in low Re , it seems that this model is performing poor specially in transition and the onset of turbulence is too late. for example if you prescribe transition location at 30% of the top wall the turbulence starts at 50% which is too far from what should it be! several remedies have been proposed yet : 1. limiting the production of Omega in laminar region to he max value of destruction of omega. in the other word we don't let the source term in omega equation increases and in this way we limit the omega in laminar region which is destructing the K ( turbulence ) and may be the main reason of late onset of turbulence.

My question of experts in this field: Is there anyothere remedy for tackling this problem for RSM? what is your suggestion since his method sometimes doesn't work for very low Re and sever adverse P. Regards

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