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Roel van Os August 31, 1998 07:05

Inputs for porous zones in FLUENT
Hello CFD collegues

I am recently involved in modeling and oil platform, using the FLUENT code. To speed up calculating time, I modeled the regions on the platform, which contain many pipes, as boxes. By defining those boxes as porous zones, I try to simulate the right pressure loss due to the pipes.

My problem is that I do not know the right inputs for the permeability and the resistance factor. I do know about the Blake-Kozeny equation, but that one is valid only for porous zones, which model packed beds.

If anybody knows how to calculate the permeability and resistance factor inside a porous region, consisting of pipes, then please let me know. (Or if you know some literature dealing about this subject).

Thanks in advance, Roel

Rasputin September 1, 1998 12:41

Re: Inputs for porous zones in FLUENT
I'm sure Idelchik put pipe bundles in a wind tunnel to determine loss coefficients, he's certainly considered every other type of obstruction! Look at:

'Flow Resistances - A guide for Engineers'

Erwin Fried

I. E. Idelchick

ISBN 0-89116-435-9

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