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William October 21, 1999 11:17

Introduce fluid dynamics
Ca n anybody help me me and tell an URL where i could find an inroduction about fluid physics.I'm a french student in an engineering school and i have to introduce it in english (history of FD, mains scientists, applications...) Thanks

Alton Reich, P.E. October 21, 1999 11:36

Re: Introduce fluid dynamics
The "Resources" link on the cfd-online page can get you to a variety of cfd related sites, including some introductory ones. The Fluent web site <> also has a link to a CFD introduction.

clifford bradford October 21, 1999 12:31

Re: Introduce fluid dynamics
perhaps your library or some of your professors have books in english about fluid mechanics. you can also try or some of the links on this page: bonne chance

Valdemir G. Ferreira October 22, 1999 08:52

Re: Introduce fluid dynamics
You can see in:

McComb, W. D.,1990. The physics of fluid turbulence.

Oxford Univ. Press, New York.

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