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L.Araujo October 22, 1999 03:53

CFD-Packages and Windows NT

I would like hear your experience about using a commercial CFD code, like FLUENT, CFX, etc, in a robust and quick PC System. Does the program really run stable? Have those programs a real tendency in going in the direction of PC? Will be Windows NT be good for it? Or maybe Linux?

Thanks LCA

Pavan Sharma October 22, 1999 06:16

Re: CFD-Packages and Windows NT
hell L Araujo

For me STAR-CD is working fine on WINDOWS NT. It has not created any problem so for in last few month.

Pavan Sharma

Jeff Waters October 22, 1999 11:02

Re: CFD-Packages and Windows NT
I run CFDesign on NT with no problems.

Alton J. Reich, P.E. October 22, 1999 14:04

Re: CFD-Packages and Windows NT
Most commercial analysis codes (both CFD and FEA) now come in PC based versions. Many recommend Win NT over Win95 or Win98 because NT is supposed to be a more stable platform. I have run several different codes on both Win95 and NT machines without any problems.

I am not aware of any commercial codes that support Linux, but they may exist. It would seem that Linux support would make sense, since a Linux based system uses inexpensive PC hardware and gives UNIX stability.

For many problems, a PC has sufficient power, if you've got a little patience. I tend to run 2D problems on my PC, and 3D ones on the dual processor UNIX workstation in the office next door. The time it takes to FTP files back and forth makes both machines about equal for 2D grids. For bigger 3D problems, the workstation is significantly faster.

Sung-Eun Kim October 23, 1999 20:44

Re: CFD-Packages and Windows NT
FLUENT software has been supported on Window NT for some time, including both serial and parallel (SMP and cluster). We've also ported FLUENT to Linux based platforms last summer with FLUENT 5.2, again both serial and parallel.

Nuray Kayakol October 25, 1999 02:53

Re: CFD-Packages and Windows NT
No problem with Windows NT.

Duane Baker October 25, 1999 09:45

Re: CFD-Packages and Windows NT

COMET from ICCM is available on LINUX and from what I heard from one of the developers very stable and efficinet. check out

Best wishes..................................Duane

Shi Xuefeng October 28, 1999 11:09

Re: CFD-Packages and Windows NT
It seems anybody has no problems with programmer. I have some problem with Windows NT abd had to restart it.

Drona Upadhyay November 11, 1999 10:19

Re: CFD-Packages and Windows NT
What about the system requirements? NT is fine but what processor speed, RAM, Graphic card memory is recommended for a smooth animation?

John C. Chien November 11, 1999 11:55

Re: CFD-Packages and Windows NT
(1). Graphics is always a problem area. (2). Even on UNIX systems, there is no guarantee that it will on different computers using different screen resolutions. (3). On PC windows system, if it is written in device indenpent fashion, the code should be machine independent. If one try to access the hardware card directly, it will be a problem. (4). So, graphics is still a very complex area and it is always difficult to make it universal. Following the standard such as OpenGL will reduce the problem.

John C. Chien November 11, 1999 12:05

Re: CFD-Packages and Windows NT,CORRECTIONS
(2).....there is no guarantee that it will run on different computers......(3)......., if it is written in device independent fashion,......(Sorry for the typing errors.)

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