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Xavier November 5, 2007 12:51

CFD software for water
Hi, I am interested in buying a new CFD software and I am thinking in Fluent, CFX or Star-CD but I am not sure which one of these codes is the best to be used in the sector of water treatment, that is CFD simulations for aeration tanks, sand filters and RBM, so it is important that simulates correctly multiphase and discrete particles in a fluid (water). Has anyone had any experiences in this field? Thanks!!! Xavier

Glenn November 5, 2007 14:44

Re: CFD software for water
I do not know what RBM is specifying, but I do have experience in the other aspects you mention with Fluent. To the best of my knowledge, it is suitable and has been compared to several test data results, including NASA water droplet DPM on aircraft engine nacelles, as well as several liquid fuel injection evapoartion, combustion characteristics. Remember also the Fluent analysis by a University professor who simulated the circulations and rising of bubbles in his beer glass (yes... this was really funded as a university study!!!)

I do not have experience with CFX or Star-CD, so can not comment about them. Please do not interperate my above comments as an endorsement for one solver over the others. My believe is that each solver mentioned is maturing in its capabilities, so I suspect CFX and Star-CD may also have similar capabilities. I am simply ignorant of specifics on them.

Perhaps you should contact each solver company directly and ask spoecifics. However, be aware... ALL of them are attempting to sell thier product and will tend to "emphasis the positives". Buyer beware! Ask for specific examples and results to verify claims....your entitled, as the perspective buyer!

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