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Ahlo November 9, 2007 14:10

CFDesign Forum
Hi all,

I did not see many posts about CFDesign here. Is there any other forum discussing CFDesign? I would like to get together with other CFDesign users to discuss some topics.



BigBaboo July 27, 2011 10:52

I see this is an old post with no reply. Are there many here who use CFDesign? BRNI has their own forum for CFDesign, but you must have active maintenance to view it. I'm looking for active CFDesign users who can help each other when support from BRNI is not an option. Anyone out there? Does anyone know how we could get a CFDesign specific forum setup?

jola July 27, 2011 15:29

We are normally hesitant to open forums for codes before we have seen a lot of discussions about that code on the main forum. However, today is the first day with sun after a week of vacation rain, so lets make an exception and give it a try. We have been asked several times before to open a CFdesign forum. I have just opened a dedicated CFdesign forum.

BigBaboo July 27, 2011 15:34

thanx jola. I hope the discussions will be enough to merit your effort.

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