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prapanj November 19, 2007 16:17

Lax wendroff and Maccormack
Hi, I tried solving linear advection equation using lax wendroff and maccormack schemes. the initial condition was a step. In the solution I could see numerical oscillations only on the left side of the step. There was no dispersion on the right side of the step. (the wave speed is positive constant for my problem). What could be the reason for this?

thanking you


emcas November 20, 2007 06:02

Re: Lax wendroff and Maccormack

These oscillation are typical for method used, therefore only natural, to remedy this problem you need to add an artificial viscosity to damp these oscillations, otherwise you can use a scheme of Roe with a limiter adequate

Praveen. C November 20, 2007 06:59

Re: Lax wendroff and Maccormack
Look for definitions of lagging and leading phase error.

prapanj November 20, 2007 14:18

Re: Lax wendroff and Maccormack
hi I was asking the reason for the oscillations occuring only on one side. thank u

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