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prapanj November 19, 2007 16:21

elliptic grid generation
Hi I am supposed to do an elliptic grid generation as a project. I have to get the input as the coordinates of the boundaries, then generate an elliptic grid based on laplace equation on xi and eta.

My question is .. suppose i need a c grid around an aerofoil, and if the aerofoil is defined by 80 points on its boundary, can i only create a grid with 80 nodal points on the aerofoil surface? Is it good to do some curve fitting, so that i come up with some expression for the aerofoil profle from the 80 points? Or is it good to interpolate?

Please guide me..

thank you Prapanj

Alex November 19, 2007 17:53

Re: elliptic grid generation
It is good to use an interpolation of the given airfoil points, because the grid nodes are to be assigned in such a way that they would cluster at airfoil's nose and other anticipated places of strong gradients (e.g. shock wave foot or a point of boundary layer separation).

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