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Jinwon November 27, 2007 22:21

About flowfield-dependent variation(FDV) method?
Recently, I have put some questions for a unified compressible/incompressible solution method. Through literature survey, I today found the reference containing the flowfield-dependent variation(FDV) method. According to that book, it is an alternative method to avoid pressure-correction in incompressible computation. In addition, it performs well in computing the fluid flow having both compressible and incompressible properties.

I wonder if anyone confirms that the FDV method is the method I desire to find to simulate such complex flows.

If so, is there any good reference to study this subject?

Abdulhafid M. Elfaghi December 4, 2007 22:13

Re: About flowfield-dependent variation(FDV) metho
Dear Jinwon

I think FDV method is an extend to Beam-Warming implicit method, the differences are: 1)the calculation of the implicit parameters using flowfield variables(u,v,rho,....) at every node and each time step.2) the accuracy of time is third order. The only references I found are those papers by prof. Chung group, the university of Alabama and M.Sc thesis by B. R.Girgis, Cairo University

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