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hadj December 5, 2007 10:06

ICEMCFD script files question
Hello, I am newest in ICEMCFD. I am working on NACA0015 aerodynamic performances . To explain, I have to create script files (file.txt), which will be read in ICEMCFD, in order to generate geometry, domain of computing and create mesh. I have done the profile family. But to define the paroi 1 , paroi 2, inflow and outflow families I have difficulties to get the vertices (x, y)coordinates of the rectangular(square as choice) domain of computing. And unfortunately, I didn't get a concerning explanation in ICEMCFD help(or tut). I have the idea to compute them with the consideration of:c=100mm,square longer=10c.In this case i need to know how to compute the (x,y) of the center of the profile. Are there any idea, any examples or any tutorials if possible, please? Thanks.

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