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marek December 7, 2007 12:43

Wind tunnel results

I run simulation for NACA 2415 airfoil up to AOA 14 deg. in CFX. I get the same drag coefficients like in books but I get higher (about 0.2) lift coefficients. Then I run simulation with the same grid and other parameters for NACA 2412. I get the same results like in book. Do you think it is possible that lift coefficients for NACA 2415 in book are not correct?


Leo Lazauskas December 7, 2007 19:48

Re: Wind tunnel results
What book?

marek December 7, 2007 20:11

Re: Wind tunnel results
Book: Abbott, Theory of wing sections, Dover publications

jcolbert December 8, 2007 00:46

Re: Wind tunnel results
What are the numbers in the book?

marek December 8, 2007 08:32

Re: Wind tunnel results
Lift coefficients in book are about 0,04 lower. Difference is about 8%. But for NACA 2412 difference is only 1%. I use same grid and solver parameters in both cases.

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