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ckl October 25, 1999 14:13

Flow past a cylinder
I am now using PHOENICS to solve for the pressure and velocity of an ideal flow past a cylinder. I tried to use body-fitted coordinate system but the result coming out is completely out. In the Cartesian coordinate system, I manage to solve it. I am novice in BFC and PHOENICS, I need some advice from you all. Thanks

N. Wei October 27, 1999 05:25

Re: Flow past a cylinder
Is the flow inviscid and two-dimensional ? If this is true, I can give you a small program which can deal with this problem.

clifford bradford October 27, 1999 12:36

Re: Flow past a cylinder
to get specific advice on using Phoenics it is probably better to ask colleagues/coworkers who use it or to use your customer service (if you have that available to you)

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