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Vijayaragavan December 12, 2007 08:40

How to give pressure inlet in Fluent
Dear Friends,

I am doing my project in Fluent,in Fluent software in pressure inlet boundary condition panel there is two column 1. Total gauge pressure 2. Intial\Sonic pressure.

My model is just a U tube pipe in that i want to know the pressure drop of a fluid, say my inlet condition is 2 bar. So in which column i have to give my pressure inlet, and how much i have to give pressure value. And i tried this many times but my result of static pressure drop is showing from 10e-12 to 5e5, and i dont know how to do it...........Please help me friends............

Glenn December 17, 2007 10:40

Re: How to give pressure inlet in Fluent
You will be specifying the total guage pressure. If your flow is subsonic at the inlet, the initial/sonic pressure input is ignored. (See FLUENT Boundary Condition input description). Absolute Total Pressure = Operating pressure + Total guage Pressure (specified here).

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