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Cheol W. Lee October 25, 1999 20:40

Curtain Flow(Thin Sheet Flow)
Dear friends,

I'm interested in a curtain flow(a thin sheet flow which has two interfaces) with evaporation in a gravity field. Please let me know if you have some references or information on that(simulation or experience).

Thank you very much.

Cheol W. Lee

Eric Grald November 9, 1999 09:11

Re: Curtain Flow(Thin Sheet Flow)
Dear Cheol Lee,

This problem, and other thin film coating flow problems, have been widely studied both numerically and experimentally by the research group of Dr. L. E. Scriven at the University of Minnesota (USA) from the early to mid 1980's to the present time. Specifically, two of Scriven's students worked on curtain coating flows: S. F. Kistler and K. N. Christodoulou. See for example:

S. F. Kistler and L. E. Scriven, "Coating Flow Computations" in Computational Analysis of Polymer Processing, edited by J. R. A. Pearson and S. M. Richardson (Appl. Sci. Essex, UK, 1983), p. 244.

L. E. Scriven and S. F. Kistler, "Coating Flow Theory by Finite Element and Asymptotic Analysis of the Navier-Stokes System," Proc. of the Fourth International Symposium on Finite Element Methods in Flow Problems, Chuo University, Tokyo, July 1982, pp. 503-510.

K. N. Christodoulou and L. E. Scriven, "Discretization of Free Surface Flows and Other Moving Boundary Problems," J. Comput. Phys., Vol. 99, 1992, pp. 39-55.

D. V. Do and K. N. Christodoulou, "Multilayer Curtain Coating Flows: Stability and Sensitivity to Small 3D Disturbances," AIChE Spring National Meeting, New Orleans, March 29-April 2, 1992.

The finite element method is very well suited for the analysis of these types of flows. We have implemented the method of spines (of Kistler and Scriven) in our commercial FEM code, FIDAP. We have many examples of this and other coating flows using FIDAP (and our earlier software, NEKTON). Please let me know if you would like more information.


Eric Grald

Fluent Inc.

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