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Amir December 12, 2007 16:17

impinging jet
i want to research about impinging jet. please help me? What refrences i must read?

Shuo December 12, 2007 19:29

Re: impinging jet
Is it a supersonic ot subsonic impinging jet? Shuo

Amir December 12, 2007 19:57

Re: impinging jet
a subsonic impinging jet. I want to research about turbulence modeling of impinging jet, please introduce one primitive reference about it.

shuo December 13, 2007 03:37

Re: impinging jet
I am looking at supersonic impinging jets. Don't know if I would be much help in regards to the turbulence modelling.

Hatef December 14, 2007 10:29

Re: impinging jet
Amir Google it. there are plenty of master thesis about impinging jet in the net.

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