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lius December 12, 2007 21:30

the rotating domain simulation
my research is about the mixing tank aeroacoustics. at the first, i want to use the direct CAA method, so ,i use the compat difference method and DRP scheme .but i find it is difficult to use the high order method at the case. because the mixing tank aeroacoustics is difficult to mesh for using the high order method,and we need to using the sliding mesh method. so i want to use the CFD/FW-H method,.

now, i am write my code according to the theory of CFD. I must use the sliding mesh method bewteen rotating domain and steady domain using unsructured mesh.

but i am not familiar with CFD code and it is a weighty work,i find it is difficult to turn the theory to i want to get some code as the example. i know that openfoam ---the famous opensource code have the sliding mehs method----but i think it is a so big code for a students.

i want to understand the code first ,and then write my code.i will respect the copyright of your code .and give my best thanks to you ! please help me !

Student December 12, 2007 21:33

Re: the rotating domain simulation for students.

lius December 12, 2007 21:45

Re: the rotating domain simulation
this code does not have the sliding mesh method . but i am study this code now . it is a good code for me. i have write a email to the writer , the next 1.2.4 may have the sliding mesh model. i want to have a code having the sliding mesh method.

thanks you!

iancmlositano July 8, 2017 08:33

FW-H and sliding mesh method CFD
Hi Lius! Does it mean FW-H is also applicable to sliding mesh method CFD to solve near- to far-field noise generation and propagation?:confused: I have not yet seen literature relating FW-H and sliding mesh in the CFD analysis.

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