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Jonas / Forum Admin August 31, 1998 11:11

Forum News
As you probably have noticed things look a bit different here - the layout has been improved and there are a few new functions as well:
  • <LI>Cookie support. The forum now supports cookies. This means that if you have enabled cookies in your browser then the forum will remember your settings. For example, if you change the display type the forum will see to that you get the same type again the next time you return to the forum, provided of course that you use the same browser. If you have posted any messages the forum will also remember your name and email address. Another nice feature with cookies is that the forum keeps track of the time of your last visit and when you return all new messages posted since your last visit will be marked with a special "new" icon.
    <LI>The forum now also supports a number of different message index display types and you can choose the type you prefer - chronological, threaded, compressed, full text and more... please see "Set Preferences". The default type is "Threaded, Mixed".
    <LI>The forum now automatically archives old messages. Archiving is done when the number of messages goes over 500. You can limit the display to a certain time-period yourself using the "Set Preferences" functions.
    <LI>The forum now keeps track of how many times each message has been read. The number is given in parenthesis behind the titles in the message index.
I hope you like the new functions. If you have any questions or comments please post them here or contact me by email. I appreciate any feedback you might have.

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