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richard October 29, 1999 03:21

Hi all

I`m aware that chemical kinetics isn`t strictly a subdomain of CFD, but since quite a few subscribers of this site deal with combustion, I figured that I might as well air a problem I encountered when using Chemkin. Here goes.

When using a certain reaction mechanism in the PSR (perfectly stirred reactor) program, I get the following error message: "Different # of species in cklink and data file." Perusal of the psr.out file reveals the last line (before the program crashes) to be "The balance matrix has 5 rows and 4 columns." The odd thing is that the Premix and Senkin programs function correctly when the same reaction mechansim is utilised.

If anybody can shed any light on this problem, I`d be really glad to hear from them.

Thanks in advance,


richard October 29, 1999 03:40

Re: chemkin
Just thought I`d mention that this problem does not exist with other reaction mechanisms.

Shi Xuefeng October 29, 1999 12:14

Re: chemkin
Check everything carefully.

Good lucky

johnjohnmulley August 17, 2011 08:07

Just for future details if anyone searches this, like I have. I know it's an old topic.

For me, it fixed itself when I added a "prod" line in. Or maybe two extra prod lines. Example, add say, prod Ar (argon) in there. Play around with different number of lines of prod, reac.

amajburi March 20, 2014 21:02

The fortran source need to have a same number of defined elements with the number of used elements in the reaction mechanism.
The message shows that you should modify the number of elemets in Chem.DAT file.

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