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Marta February 4, 2008 14:51

2D airfoil optimisation: the mesh
Dear all,

I would need to apply Genetic Algorithms optimisation to optimise a 2D airfoil shape. The main problem that I am facing is to mesh the airfoil and moreover to use the mesh from one shape to another in order to reduce the computational expenses (GA involves a lot of evaluations. Due to this is an academic study ( I am an MSc student) I am not allowed to use commercial software, so I would need to mesh with BlockMesh (openFOAM) or another free software. I have read in one thread belonging to OpenFOAM forum( ) that BlockMesh is suitable for most 2D cases but in another thread ( ) seems to be the opposite.

Is there any way to do this with BlockMesh or any free software easy to use? Is there any database or any test case than can give me an example or a mesh that I could use?

Please, I would be very grateful if you give me some information, help or advice, I am really worried about this.

Best Regards,

Marta Pajon.

Praveen. C February 5, 2008 08:36

Re: 2D airfoil optimisation: the mesh
2D airfoil should not be difficult to mesh. You can remesh it for every shape. Or you can also try to deform the mesh for the new shape but the quality of this will depend on how big the shape changes are and how well you do the deformation.

Harish February 5, 2008 10:22

Re: 2D airfoil optimisation: the mesh
It might be easier use a hyperbolic grid generator.

Marta Pajon February 5, 2008 10:35

Re: 2D airfoil optimisation: the mesh
Sorry but I am beginner in CFD, could you explain me more? is there any free software to use for that and compatible with OpenFOAM? My simulations have to be done in OpenFOAM.

Thank yuo very much for all your answers. I really appreciate them


Marta Pajon February 5, 2008 17:38

Re: 2D airfoil optimisation: the mesh
What about the files contained in links like ? are these grids suitable to use with OpenFOAM? Could I use them to run some airfoil example?

Please, just a quick yes or not would be very helpful for me. Best regards,


Rif February 6, 2008 02:07

Re: 2D airfoil optimisation: the mesh
Why don't you click on import and check what kind of import files you can bring in? I'm sure there's a list.


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