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sunil February 8, 2008 13:42

want a project on cfd.
hi, i am a btech 3rd year student. i have very much interest on cfd.i know how to solve pipe flow problem. and some basics of fluent software. i want to proceed further. can any one suggest me some project works on cfd which will be helpful for me. i also like to work on cfd during summer vacation.

please suggest me

thanks with regards sunil dash

alpha February 9, 2008 11:40

Re: want a project on cfd.
Work on airfoil problems. There is plenty of help around for that sort of problems both in text books and websites etc. You will also enjoy when you work on such problems.


sunil February 9, 2008 13:52

Re: want a project on cfd.
thanks for your suggestion

it will be helpful for me.

can you tell more specifically where i will get some information about this airfoil modeling

tell me some sites addresses.

alpha February 9, 2008 18:09

Re: want a project on cfd.
Hi sunil

You can find loads of journals online on airfoils against which you can validate your results. Just type something like "airfoil RANS modelling" on google. The journals would contain geometry description, mesh size, and ofcourse results that you are expected to obtain. Alternatively, there are number of validation cases available on this site if you click on "Links & then refernces". However, before you start doing that i would recommend you learn a bit more about the code that you will be using.


Automotive idea - Internal Engines February 9, 2008 19:42

Re: want a project on cfd.
you can do a port flow analysis for automotive. The valves are traditionally, you can check if valves of elliptical or "bean" shapes would give a better swirl and tumble. Consequently a better combustion.

sunil February 10, 2008 00:43

Re: want a project on cfd.
thanks a lot i will search in google.

sunil February 10, 2008 00:44

Re: want a project on cfd.
thanks for your suggestion.

jyo February 12, 2008 07:20


jyo February 12, 2008 07:28

simple algorithm

i have solved few 2d compressible flow problems using maccormack techn. Now i am trying to solve the incompressible flow problems using SIMPLE algorithm. I am just following the details given in the anderson book (couette flow, fundamentals of cfd). I have a doubt in applying the boundary condition using staggered grid. for pressure it is clear to give the boundary condition but for u and v velocities at which grid we have to specify the b.c. Similarly pprime, what exactly have to give on the upper and lower wall.

thanks in advance

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