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Huckleberry Finn October 30, 1999 17:44

Volume of Fluid and Level Set
I have trouble impementing volume of fluid and level set methods to track a fluid interface. Is there any one out there who has example codes of the implementation of thses methods? Thanks

Niklas Wikstrom November 29, 1999 08:33

Re: Volume of Fluid and Level Set
I'm presently fighting instability with a level set surface capturing implementation based on a transient SIMPLE solver by Milovan Peric. It works fairly nice on 2D rising bubble problem for example, but turns out unstable for large density differences etc.

Huckleberry Finn November 29, 1999 16:17

Re: Volume of Fluid and Level Set
Thanks. I have problem with the 2-d implementation. I shoudln't think you might share your code (simple version of it) with me? Or should I?

Thanks again Huck

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