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Raja February 15, 2008 05:38

CFD Software for large scale industry
Dear Friends,

Could you pls suggest me the appropriate commercial CFD software which can handle both fluid flow and heat transfer analysis for large scale machine having plenty of heat dissipating and thermal control systems with various cooling mechanisms (like air,water, heat exchanging, etc)?

Thanks in advacne!

Joel February 15, 2008 11:39

Re: CFD Software for large scale industry
Hi Raja,

You most definitely want to be looking within the ANSYS software suite. Why? Well for one thing they have both powerhouses CFX + Fluent under their company banner now. Between the two, I'd say go for CFX if you are new to CFD. Both software however pack equal punch in terms of what they can do.

You can send me your geometry file to take a look at if you want. Possibly set up a simple analysis so you can see what the software is capable of...

alex February 15, 2008 14:13

Re: CFD Software for large scale industry
working for ansys my friend:) or just a happy user

rt February 15, 2008 15:57

Re: CFD Software for large scale industry
if you mean tool for large scale multi-physics real-world problems, there is not such tool on the earth in my opinion!

else you select a scalable code and have a massivly parallel cluster with high speed network.

i suggest to do some feasibilty study prior to purchase, particularly for large problems, all code works fine and fast for samll ones (do not effect by some colorful snapshots and cliam).

Raja February 16, 2008 04:30

Re: CFD Software for large scale industry
Hi Joel, Alex & RT,

Thanks a lot for your helps.

Jim February 16, 2008 07:06

Re: CFD Software for large scale industry
This isn't a balanced argument especially with someone from ASNYS doing a bit of not very well concealed free advertising! Have a look at all the major software packages, if you send a geometry to any of the vendors they should be willing to do a case study for you then you can make your own mind up. Look at STAR-CCM+, CFDesign and possibly EFDLab too, they all have their own merits, my personal choice (from using it) is STAR-CCM+, I have also used CFDesign, Fluent and Phoenics but would put the cd-adapco product at the top of the list.

kasim February 16, 2008 10:18

Re: CFD Software for large scale industry
Go for OpenFOAM. Its free and has got many more features than commercial CFD codes. For heat transfer problems its best!


Karthik February 19, 2008 10:45

Re: CFD Software for large scale industry

I agree with you Mr.Jim and suggest you to give an large sample problem to all the vendors(if in India CFX,Fluent & cd-adapco they are the commercial CFD code vendors in India.)and then eveluate the same and then decide that's what most of the PSU's does this and select the best.

All the best.Do intimate your success in this regard.

Karthik +91-9866176204

CK February 20, 2008 00:07

Re: CFD Software for large scale industry
have anyone heard about Flow-3D and Acusim CFD tools? ma be it is a good options to consider as well.

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