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YAV February 16, 2008 17:02

Transonic Full Potential Solver
Hi, I am looking for a Full Potential Flow solver, to analyze the flow over a supercritical airfoil in the transonic regime. I would have developed a code myself, but I have some time constraints. Does anyone has such a code readily available, or know where I can download it? This request is for a graduate course project, and not for any commercial use.

A.K. February 17, 2008 02:58

Re: Transonic Full Potential Solver
A full-potential solver is not a good deal. You'd better solve the system of Euler equations with, e.g., NSC2KE solver.


YAV February 18, 2008 16:11

Re: Transonic Full Potential Solver
The whole point of the assignment is to analyze the limitation of a Full Potential code in the transonic regime.

albertoc April 30, 2009 16:44

I have something
Hi, I do have a code for you. I wrote it, it works, the only thing being when the shock waves get too strong it does not converge. If you need it it I can send you the code and you can go on with it. It`s Fortran 90, well written and it`s finite element

apoorv May 1, 2009 01:31

You can get it here

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