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Athar Zaidi October 31, 1999 14:59

Low Reynolds number K-Omega modeling
I am having lots of trouble modeling non-Newtonian turbulent flow with Low-Reynolds number k-omega model ( Wilcox 1993) , either the values of omega and K decreases to unsual values , something of the order of 10e-40 or the solution blows up. I am using CFX 4.2 ( Aea Technology) CFD slover which is a finite volume based solver. It seems to me that nobody has done a simulation of non-Newtonian turbulent blood flow using low-Reynolds number model till now. However I get some good results with high Reynolds number RNG K-epsilon model, but I my flow operates at Reynolds number below 10000. Any body has any clue that may be K-Omega model has a deficiency in this respect I mean modeling strain rate based viscosity. I couldn`t find such deficiency in literature so far.Please reply soon.

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