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anderson February 24, 2008 17:54

convergence problem in comsol
hello, I keep getting convergence problems when doing a simulation using comsol multiphysics. It is about water flowing through an orifice. I am using a pressure driven flow and I am using "parametric solver" which increases the input pressure by 10,000 Pa (10kPa) at each step. But somehow after passing a certain limit it gives this convergence error.

I tried to increase the mesh number, and thus the degree of freedom to around 80,000. This way I was able go get better results. I mean the convergence limit moved to higher pressure input values. But still I get no result for pressure higher than 400,000Pa (400kPa). And my computer is not able to handle problems more than 100,000 degrees of freedom.

Is there any other way to overcome this problem? Is it possible that I am doing something wrong?

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