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Asghari February 27, 2008 07:50

Open source codes for VOF simulations
Hi all.

Does anyone access to a free open-source code(not conventional commercial softwares such as FLUENT ,Starcd,...) simulaing VOF (volume of fluid) simulation ?

If you access to it, can I appeal you to send it for me?

What's geometry for it ?

It is preferable for me that code has been written by a program language such as (FORTRAN,Visual C, BASIC, MATHLAB,..).My email address is

Thanks a lot for any help.

I need to this

andy20 February 27, 2008 14:51

Re: Open source codes for VOF simulations
Try OpenFoam. You can look it up on the cfd-online website, and visit the OpenFOAM site and discussion forums at:

It can do dam-break type problems, as shown by the graphics on the page:

It runs best on Linux/Unix.

I have had no problems with OpenFOAM itself. However finding a suitable open-source 3-D meshing tool that can handle boundary layers for CFD calculations, etc has been very difficult.

Good luck, Andy

A.K. February 28, 2008 05:22

Re: Open source codes for VOF simulations
Hi, Andy! Have you really had no problems with OpenFOAM? I have heard that users face convergence problems with this solver. In particular, they need very small Courant number to get the convergence. This topic was under discussion in the OpenFOAM forum.

andy20 February 29, 2008 05:25

Re: Open source codes for VOF simulations

Sorry - I should have qualified my statement somewhat...

I haven't had any convergence problems with OpenFOAM on the problems I've used it for, which have been slow viscous flow in complex geometries.

I haven't been able to generate a mesh with suitable prisms at the boundary for the high speed gas flow problems I'm interested in. Therefore I haven't tried OpenFOAM for these more difficult cases, as I wouldn't trust results from any FVM code with any pure tetra grid in these geometries...

So I can't really advise on experience with convergence problems. Nevertheless, IMHO OpenFOAM does appear to be one of the most active and complete open source CFD suites around at the moment, supports the free surface flows the OP asked about, and there seems to be a lot of support available on the discussion forums. So I mantain it's worth a look for the OP...

Best regards, Andy

alpha February 29, 2008 18:10

Re: Open source codes for VOF simulations
Hi Andy

Its really difficult to generate complex geometries and meshes with blockMesh utility that OpenFOAM uses. Which software do you use? Are you aware of any open source software that could generate unstructured mesh and is compatible with OpenFOAM.

Thanks Alpha

andy20 March 2, 2008 09:38

Re: Open source codes for VOF simulations

I agree - it seems very hard to find a good mesh generation tool for OpenFOAM. As I said in my last post, that is what has stopped me using it more often.

Netgen is often mentioned on the OpenFOAM forum. I think it is mainly a finite element tool though, as it only seems to generate fully tetrahedral meshes with no boundary layer / inflation meshing options. Therefore Netgen meshes are not really suitable for CFD. It is easy to use (but hard to compile - I suggest using a binary installation if possible).

GMesh also gets mentioned, but I've not yet used that successfully - and I don't yet know if it supports boundary layer meshes.

I hope that anyone else reading this thread will mention any good tools that they know of - because I think we would both like to learn about them!

Good luck, Andy

alpha March 2, 2008 21:12

Re: Open source codes for VOF simulations
Hi Andy

Unfortunately both netgen and Gmsh generate structured mesh where as i often need to take into account formation of boundary layer in my problems. I have recently started using OpenFOAM and found it very good tool for CFD analysis. Only problem that i am facing is generation of complex geometry and mesh. Thanks for your answer.


Gert-Jan March 27, 2008 19:18

Re: Open source codes for VOF simulations

alpha March 28, 2008 08:28

Re: Open source codes for VOF simulations
Sorry what is GID? Thanks

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