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Shuo February 28, 2008 00:23

slow simulation
i am sunning a simulation of a supersonic impinging jet using a grids 100*100. It takes 10 hours to get a non-dimensional time (t*Ve/D) of 25!!! Ve is the speed of sound at nozzle exit, D is exit diameter. is it just me or is this normal??


jinwon park February 28, 2008 11:01

Re: slow simulation
Hi! Shuo. It is too long time to run the compressible code. As far as I know, my code also takes such long computational time to reach that non-dimensional time. I guess that 10 hours is not severe.

Shuo February 28, 2008 20:07

Re: slow simulation
Maybe I should break it into multi blocks and use parallel computers.

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