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Alfredo Alonso September 1, 1998 08:56

CFD and Aeroacoustics
The purpose of this message is to ask some questions regarding the use of CFD results (from Fluent/UNS) in order to determine the acoustic field generated by fluid flow induced noise. We are currently evaluating a commercial acoustic analysis sofware (COMET) but all the acoustic software packages we know (included COMET)are clearly oriented to noise radiated from structures.

Does anyone know any acoustic software package so we can couple it with our CFD results in order to compute the acoustic field generated by fluid flow phenomena as vortices, turbulence etc.?

If nobody knows any appropriate software package, if anybody who has worked in similar problems (fluid induced noise) how they dealt with it in order to get acoustic results being the input CFD data?

Many thanks in advance


John C. Chien September 1, 1998 12:36

Re: CFD and Aeroacoustics
NASA would be the ideal place for you to start looking for the information. They used to work on the jet ( or jet engine ) related acoustic problems. In terms of the source of noise, the T.K.E.( turbulence kinetic energy ) distribution maybe is a good place to start.

Rasputin September 1, 1998 12:49

Re: CFD and Aeroacoustics
You could always perform a direct numerical simulation and look at resulting frequency spectrums.

If you have enough time ... and patience ... and another code ...

John C. Chien September 1, 1998 17:03

Re: CFD and Aeroacoustics
Ya, I guess so. But you are talking about the compressible flow simulation. Super-computer would be very helpful in this approach.

Daniel Chan September 1, 1998 21:19

Re: CFD and Aeroacoustics
Recent papers by S. Lele (Stanford) and C. Tam (Florida State) are highly recommended. Also Tam and Hardin (NASA Langley) have edited a series of conference proceedings on Computational Aeroacoustice, in them they provided a set of test cases one can use to validate and benchmark numerical algorithms and codes.

Alfredo Alonso September 2, 1998 02:15

Re: CFD and Aeroacoustics
Thanks for your soon response. Of course I've looking for information at NASA but the thing is that they use they own codes. Do you know if they are available for public use (having a license, of course)?



k.pericleous October 7, 1998 10:21

Re: CFD and Aeroacoustics
We have recently coupled standard CFD codes with our computational aeroacoustics module. You will find information (papers, animations) in my web page "".

C-H Lai October 12, 1998 04:34

Re: CFD and Aeroacoustics
As indicated by Professor Pericleous, our research group at the University of Greenwich has now the capability of coupling a cfd code with an acoustic module for computational aeroacoustic calculations. Our experiences cover interior and exterior noise generation, noise generated due to solid surface and also noise generated behind the wake. Please read and do not hesitate to contact Professor Pericleous or Dr Lai for further details of possible use of our cupling technique.

Lans October 12, 1998 16:43

Re: CFD and Aeroacoustics
Is it siutable for practical design purpose? Such as ventilation, fan...

C-H Lai October 13, 1998 04:15

Re: CFD and Aeroacoustics
It is suitable for ventilation, fan... Of course the software needs to be adapted for the purpose.

Lans October 13, 1998 09:52

Re: CFD and Aeroacoustics
Good, How I can find this code? Thanks!

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