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Ahmed March 9, 2008 10:15

Data Visualization
Has any one on this forum downloaded and successfully installed and run the programme OpenDX ( a windows system, I would like to know which X server has he installed. Thank you for your comments

CFD_novice March 9, 2008 15:10

Re: Data Visualization
One way is to install Exceed in your computer. The following is the quote from its README file:

" If you are running Exceed 7.0 or newer, there is a conflict with some of the dynamic link libraries DX may install, however, the installer will not install these if Exceed 7/8 is detected. If you have problems running OpenDX with any version of Exceed, make sure that the "Non Exceed Libraries" are not installed. To check this, run the OpenDX Installer and choose modify. Here you can see the "Non Exceed Libraries" option and make sure they are not installed. "

Please correct me if I am not correct.

john March 9, 2008 15:20

Re: Data Visualization
i do not know about native windows version but you could install cygwin (full instalation include X) and then install cygwin version of DX, it works well based on my experience (do not forget "xinit" command in cygwin to switch to graphic mode prior to run DX)

CFD_novice March 9, 2008 20:41

Re: Data Visualization
I installed Exceed. My problem is that the image window flashed and was gone when I click "visualize data". So I can not see the image window. I tried two computers and same thing happened. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?


Ahmed March 15, 2008 17:02

Re: Data Visualization
Thanks John for your reply, I have found the following site helpful when installing cygwin the command to start an X server is startxwin.bat, xinit opens a graphic window that conflicts with dx, after that typing dx in the cygwin window calls the programme. Looks an interesting tool

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