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sudhakar March 20, 2008 03:41

Hi, I have simulated flow past circular cylinder at Re of 40 and am able to capture the attached vortices downstream of the cylinder. Now, I want to measure the circulation of both the vortices. Is there any simple way to measure it? Shall I plot vector plot of velocity in tecplot and create a closed contour around which we get circulation automatically?

omkar March 28, 2008 13:59

Re: circulation
search for "biot savarts law" on internet which will tell you how to measure circulation of vortices(some good pdfs are available). If you can't find get back to me I will mail you some pdf's.

I am also working on low reynolds number flow around a pair of square cylinders. My code is able to capture the vortices downstream but I don't have any concrete data to validate my code. Do you have any literature on the same?

sudhakar March 31, 2008 00:49

Re: circulation
hi, thanx for your reply.. I will search for it.. I have references for flow past two square cylinders. But what exactly your Re and in which form they are arranged?

omkar March 31, 2008 03:47

Re: circulation
I am analysing flow upto Re 120. The two square cylinders are in line with their faces perpendicular to the direction of flow and separated by some distance. I hope this much description will help you in visualizing the domain.

enghamed June 16, 2010 06:16

Dear Omkar
I am modeling 3D piston\cylinder vortex generator in ANSYS CFX. My reynolds is above 2000. Is there any way to calculate the circulatin in CFX-post?


pradeap June 16, 2010 08:00

Hi sudhakar
I am working on the flow over the circular cylinder using my own code. What are the datas you have consider to validate your code.

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