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M. R. JAHANNAMA November 4, 1999 11:38

Dear All,

I need to computationally simulate atomization of a liquid column. Liquid is sucked into a nozzle due to compressed air in an air assist nozzle. Atomization process occurs within the nozzle by the air force surrounding the liquid column.Is there any possibility for solving the problem using Fluent?

Please note that I had an experience from using Fluent(4.5) which showed non realistic results in some respects.Thanks

Sung-Eun Kim November 4, 1999 12:11

Hi FLUENT user,

To model initial jet breakup (column to droplets) requires VOF calculation with surface tension included. You're dealing with a very subtle thing, so a great care is needed in meshing, discretization, time-step, etc. to properly capture the instability and subsequent breakup.

Pleased contact your support engineer or drop in at the Fluent Europe.

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