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Sumeshen March 26, 2008 11:52

Viscoelastic flow in rotor-stator @ POLYFLOW
Dear CFD experts,

I would like to know the capability of PolyFlow to model viscoelastic flow in Rotor-Stator system.

I am planning to model the flow in twin screw extruder to elucidate the shear and elongational stresses.

I already made research on the capabilities of other solvers such as Fluent, OpenFoam. However I conclude that Polyflow will be the best solver in my case.

I know that it has Mesh Superimposition technique which makes it possible to model the flow through the complex geometries like Twin-screw extruder. But is it possible to use viscoelastic models with this technique?

May be some more details about my problem would be helpful. The Simulation will be 3D and the interaction between rotor and stator is quite high and important. We will not simulate the whole extruder but just one pair of co-rotating kneading elements. The goal is application of different viscoelastic models to determine the one that describes the flow better.

I would be glad if you could give me the situation of its capabilities to implement the viscoelastic flow modeling in rotor-stator systems?

Another project and question: Is it possible to model the free flow after the die where the evaporation of water is the leading factor for expansion?? If yes, what paremeters can be investigated in this case?

Thank you for your time and help

Best Wishes Sumshen

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