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RP March 27, 2008 02:03

Time Dependent Temperature Dependent BC Analysis

I have a peculiar problem to resolve. I have a heat source whose Q is dependent on its Centroid Temperature. To cool this heat source, I have a fixed cooler. I can perform a steady state analysis for the same. Fine upto this point.

But If I want to perform a transient analysis, with the same Q being dependent on time also, Is it possible? Does it physically make any sense. I believe I am driving Q and trying to resolve it in Temperature and time dimensions.

If it is possible, can you let us know how can be it made to work?



RP March 28, 2008 02:22

Re: Time Dependent Temperature Dependent BC Analys
I will make it simple to understand.

On a graph,

On longitude axis, I have temperature.

On Latitude axis, I have time

On Altitude axis, I have Q (Heat Flux)

If we plot the data, graph looks like a surface plot in Excel.

Can we perform a transient analysis in this case. Or will it be pseudo steady analysis ? How this needs to be setup?

Any pointers or help in this direction is highly appreciated.



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