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Mario November 5, 1999 05:07

References on two-phase flows
I'm starting a ptoject on two-phase flows. The object of the project will be the development of a two phase flow solver based on an eulerian statistically averaged approach with a FEM discretization (more precicely an SUPG-type discretization). We will start from 1-D implementation and then 2-D. I would like to have some good references about the theory of two-phase flows and on CFD problems related to these flows.

Thanks in advance,


Patrick Godon November 5, 1999 14:31

Re: References on two-phase flows
Hi Mario,

I am not quite sure what kind of two-phase flow you are looking into, I am working on a gas-dust flow where the dust is dragged by the flow. There are mainly two regimes and some three sub-regimes involving different approximations, ranging from tiny dust particles (their size is smaller than the mean free path in the gas) to macroscopic objects (assuming spherical particles). In this case the dust is much denser than the gas, but on the overall the mass of the dust in the gas is negligible, so there are no pressure forces on the dust, and the dust does not affect the gas. I have also some references on more general cases. Is this of interest to you?



Mario November 7, 1999 16:24

Re: References on two-phase flows
Thanks Gordon for your reply. You're right, I've been too generic talking simply of two-phase flows. The 2-phase flows I'm interested in are such kind of bubble flows originated from nucleate boiling in nuclear reactors or from the mixing of an incompressible phase in a gas (internal combustion engines), so flows with solid particles are not of my interest (at the moment). Thanks anyway.


Andrzej Matuszkiewicz November 7, 1999 22:25

Re: References on two-phase flows
There are journals devoted to multiphase flows. "International Journal of Multiphase Flow" publishes research articles. "Multiphase Science and Technology" publishes review articles. If you are not familiar with two-phase flows the second is more appropriate to begin with.


Mario November 8, 1999 05:08

Re: References on two-phase flows
OK, thanks Andrzej for the useful informations. Do you know also titles of books where I can find a complete treatment of the theory (equations, examples an so on)?


libretto November 9, 1999 09:55

Re: References on two-phase flows
can anyone suggest artical for liquid dropets in high temperature air?

Ashley James November 9, 1999 18:43

Re: References on two-phase flows
"Convective Boiling and Condensation." J. G. Collier and J. R. Thome. 3rd ed. Clarendon Press. Oxford. 1994.

This book is not only about phase change, as the title may suggest. It also includes two-phase flow models, flow regimes, correlations, etc.

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