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Jose Mariano Lopez-Urdiales November 5, 1999 16:34

liquid drop impacts
I would like to know what CFD programs could be applied to the issue of liquid drop impacts on a flat liquid surface, taking into account the surface tension, are any of these programs free? Thank you!

John C. Chien November 8, 1999 10:07

Re: liquid drop impacts
(1). There is a short paper by Martin Rieber and Arnold Frohn, from University of Stutgart, Germany, on "Anumerical study on the mechanism of splashing", which appeared recently on the October issue,1999 of International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow, vol.20, 455-461. (2). From there, it mentioned the early work of Harlow, Hirt. I'll copied the reference here. Hiet.c.w., Nichols.b.d.1981,"volume of fluid(vof) method for the dynamics of tree boundaries",J.Comp.Phys,39(1),201-225, also, Harlow.f.h.,Shannon,j.p.1967,"The splash of a liquid drop",J.App Phys 38,3855-3866. (3). Some of the early reports also include the code listings. This is an interesting field, but I don't have any use of it.

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