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Chriss April 8, 2008 04:22

Faceted surfaces in ICEM

I have some short questions about ICEM 11 and its unstructured tetra mesh generation. Because I have to combine some surfaces, ICEM creates these Faceted Surfaces. Might it be a problem for the mesh generation using this kind of surface instead of B-spline surfaces? Can a following calculation (with Fluent) be influenced by these surfaces? What is the difference between both kinds of surfaces?

Thanks for your help,


gocarts May 6, 2008 15:18

Re: Faceted surfaces in ICEM
I don't know anything about ICEM 11, but I do know that meshing faceted geometry can lead to problems. Using faceted geometry to represent high curvature regions (such as airfoil leading edges) can cause flat spots, i.e., the mesh doesn't lie on the true geometry, invalidating your flow calculation. This is not usually a problem if the mesh tool evaluates a B-spline surface directly.

For more details try: Pros and cons of various geometry exchange formats

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