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Sean April 8, 2008 10:37

Running OpenFOAM

As someone who wants to get into the CFD world, I have downloaded and installed OpenFOAM, but not been able to run it. I am hoping that someone will be able to help out. Here is a short list of the errors: 1. 'foamSystemCheck' - the program can not run Test_ssh and requires a passwordless connection. 2. 'foamInstallationTest' - it is unable to connect to the server. 3. 'runFOAMX' - it does not recognise the command 4. 'runFOAMXHB' - it can not access required libraries.

I have however been able to test-run an example using 'icoFOAM', but apart from that, nothing else. Even setting up a passphrase in 'ssh' has not helped.

Kindly advise on what you think the problem(s) is (are), and how you feel they can be solved.

Regards, Sean.

Usman April 8, 2008 13:26

Re: Running OpenFOAM
Hi Sean

First I think it will be more useful if you post this message on OpenFOAM discussion forum. How did you manage to run icoFoam when nothing else is working? Your FoamX command is not right. First you should cd to FOAM_RUN directory and then type "FoamX".

I think it will be much easier if you just burn an ISO image of CAE Linux on a dvd and then install CAE linux on your PC. CAE Linux has OpenFOAM and various other open source softwares pre-installed in it. Just google for "CAE Linux"!

Hope this helps


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