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Bill Fargen April 10, 2008 21:49

I graduated about 5 years ago and now work for a mid sized Cfd software manufacturer( not to be named) in Sales. I have a BS in Mechanical Engineering and have been doing the job of two people. They will not hire me any sort of technical support, Iam very capable of doing this but then my numbers suffer. I have been applying to most other positions in the industry online and have not gotten any response. I understand its a tight knit community and you have to know someoene to get an interview any suggestions?

Steve Mizonski April 10, 2008 22:09

Re: Employment
Its Funny that you ask that! I was in the same situation I was getting really burned out and saw no way out. I found this recruiter through a friend I made at our company. His name is Raymond Kadukis (Spelling?). He works at an Executive Search firm in Cleveland, of all places. He was well connected and didn't give up on me he had me interview with, Ansys, CD-Adapco, Abaqus,and MSC. I had interview with all them in a month. I owe him a lot , he kept my spirits up. I have not talked to him in a while but his number was (216) 261-7400(still in my phone). Tell him Steve Mizonski said "hi, how bout those Browns" He's not very funny but laugh at his jokes anyway. Hope this helps!

Raymond Kudukis April 11, 2008 09:59

Re: Employment
Thanks Steve, Let me clear it up I am very funny!

I've gotten a call this morning from a candidate who said "How bout them Browns?" I didn't understand what he meant, untill he mentioned Steves name and that he found a posting at cfd-online.

Anyway I do work only in the CAE arena with all the major companies in the industry and have positions usually before they are posted . If anyone currently working , wants to contact me regarding positions in the CFD/FEA/CAD/CAM/PLM/3D industry I would be glad to help. We are extremely confidential and will not share your name without your consent. I can be reached at Raymond Kudukis Executive Search of America (216)261-7400 Ext 271

Lise Johnsons May 8, 2008 11:56

Re: Employment
You're probably too advanced for this but Northrop Grumman has several internship programs. Their integrated systems program may be a fit for you. The info is on their aerospace engineering jobs and intern page.

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