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Márcio Lima April 20, 2008 08:38

Structural and Aerodynamic Analysis

I'm making my work of graduation and it consists of carrying through the analysis of the deformation of an airfoil in the Ansys and playing the airfoil (already deformed) in the CFX to evaluate the aerodynamic parameters, so that to the end I get an optimized airfoil.

This process will be iterative and will be managed by a genetic algorithm that will work together with the Ansys and the CFX.

The problem: somebody knows as I implements a genetic algorithm in the Ansys or CFX of form that it catches the results of the deformation analysis and orders them for the CFX, making this of iterative form?

Since already, I am thankful for the aid.

Kio April 20, 2008 11:32

Re: Structural and Aerodynamic Analysis
Hi Márcio,

there is a software from ESTECO called modefrontier that do exactly what u need. It couples multiphysics simulation with design optimization methods like genetic algorithm.

If u r in Brazil, u may contact E3S for a support on this software... They also represent Ansys.

By the way, if u r in Brazil, in which aerodesign team u work??? ;-)

Good luck...

Márcio Lima April 20, 2008 11:45

Re: Structural and Aerodynamic Analysis
Hi Kio,

I'm in Brazil and I work em Team Draco Volans Aerodesign - UnB. And you, in which aerodesign team you work?


Kio April 20, 2008 12:14

Re: Structural and Aerodynamic Analysis
Blz Márcio???

em português é mais fácil... Então, eu sou da equipe PoliAclive da POLI-USP....

Esse tipo de simulação que vc quer fazer um pessoal da Mauá, tb de SAMPA, fez algum tempo atrás... Não sei se eles continuam fazendo, mas a idéia deles era bem parecida... e eles tinham contato direto com a E3S...

Alías, com quem vc está fazendo seu trabalho de formatura aí na UNB??? Só pro curiosidade, vc conhece o prof. Gurgel???


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