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kenneth April 28, 2008 09:16

On Inavier
Is there someone playing Inavier?I tried to simulate fluid flow in a complex geometry by using the code, always have difficulty in obtaining convergence solution. I would appreciate your hints.



Arjun April 29, 2008 18:02

Re: On Inavier
Hi, i have to update the solver, there was a small bug in AMG solver so I have replaced the linear solver with new version. Which is quite fast and better convergent. I have added quite a few things specially treatment of unmatched grids and grid rotation. This part have to be checked with turbulence models so it is taking little bit of time. In first week of june I will upload the newer version. Just little wait.

kenneth April 29, 2008 19:31

Re: On Inavier
That would be great! thanks. Have you considered to parallelize the code?

Arjun April 30, 2008 21:31

Re: On Inavier
About the parallelization, its almost time I started working on this issue. Parallelization has to come sooner or later, the main reason is in todays world usually the models are so large that they could not be handled by single processor.

The reasons why there is no parallelization so far:

1. I wished to write the code for students who could use it for their work. So wished that things be such that they do not need anything from outside. That is it should have collection of C++ file that you could compile anywhere. And the current code is easily readable (because each thing has a manager class , just go to it and read the relvant functions).

2. I am not smart enough. I do not have any idea how to implement parallel processing. OpenMP based shared memory parallization looks tempting but it puts the bar on the sizes of meshes we could use. And for MPI based parallezation, i do not have resource to even learn to write small programs. (But I will do something about this issue, just need some time).

The current version of code looks promising to it would be worth working further with it. But no matter how the code develops, the single processor version i wish to keep aside for students. Just for whom I put so much of efforts. (though it was mainly my selfish need for learning about what was going on behind the black box Fluent software).

kenneth April 30, 2008 23:31

Re: On Inavier
Thanks for your help.

javaid May 7, 2008 01:48

Re: On Inavier
The code looks intersting can i obtain source code.

Arjun May 7, 2008 17:16

Re: On Inavier
download it. :)

Arjun May 7, 2008 17:17

Re: On Inavier
I have updated the code. Download the new version.

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