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taedeneo May 3, 2008 09:03

LES in Fluent and CFX
Hi all

Can anybody suggest about the level of sophistication of implementing LES in Fluent and CFX? I have never used CFX before. I know that Fluent have smagorinsky(with option of dynamic model), WALE and kinetic energy transport models. Also, if you know any other software that have very sophisticated LES, I would be appreciate if you can tell me.

Thanks taedeneo

cfd-student May 5, 2008 18:53

Re: LES in Fluent and CFX
openfoam, cfx has same models as fluent.

K. Modert May 6, 2008 13:53

Re: LES in Fluent and CFX
I am not sure CFX has the same model as fluent. If you try a simple vortex shedding case of flow around a cylinder with a fine mesh and plot the Strouhal number versus the Reynolds number: they predict different frequency. ANSYS could not tell which one was correct.

Have you tried to evaluate the codes this way?


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