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weixi May 5, 2008 21:25

Problem in using user subroutine of CFD-ACE+ 2007
Hello, everyone, I am learning user subroutine in CFD ACE+ 2007. If I use usource_V2007.dll, which was provided by the company, it does cause any problem. However, when I use the same code and build the dll file using Compaq Visual Fortran 6.6 in Win XP or using build-userlib.bat, the CFD ACE+ Solver with my dll file will stop at the beginning. What is the problem?

wangguobin14 January 13, 2011 21:58

subrutine udf in CFD-ACE+ with your cell computer
我成功实现了MIscrosoft visual studio 2005 和 intel visual fortran的结合编译平台,
目前,对于UDF的Fluen和 CFD-ACE+的 subrutine UDF 编译和调试有什么问题,请大家出来多交流!

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