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Eddie Parker May 12, 2008 12:17

Beginner need ideas
Hi all,

I am about to take an introductory course on computational fluid dynamics.

It says I should be able to:

> Select appropriate physical models,
: Define material properties,
: Prescribe boundary and operating conditions,
: Set solver controls,
: Set up solution convergence monitors.
: Provide an initial solution,

However, I do not have any idea about above-mentioned terms.

In fact, I am an absolutely beginner.

Can anyone here suggest me the simplest idea in order to analyze it in CFD software?

Thanks in advance

Eddie Parker

Vinayender May 13, 2008 00:41

Re: Beginner need ideas

If you are a beginner in CFD, I would suggest you to read "Introduction to CFD" by John. D. Anderson to get your basics then think of analysing the steps in CFD softwares..

Thanks, Vinayender.

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