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Menander May 14, 2008 18:14

Through-Flow solver, Leading-Trailing edge problem
Hello there, being a couple of years a PhD student in Athens, Greece, I am now confronting a problem concerning the convergence ability of a through-flow solver for axial compressors. It's of time-marching type, solving the peripherally averaged equations of conservation of mass (1), momentum (3) and energy (1), in their inviscid form. It uses the common McCormack method. I think that the code doesn't manage to converge satisfactorily, even after 5000 iterations. Can somebody tell me why? I suspect that the "abrupt passage" of the flow from the free inlet space to the blading, via the Leading Edge, as from The Trailing Edge to the outlet free space could be the reason. I would sincerelly thank the person who will try to enlighten me and suggest me a way of solution.

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