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Duncan Simpson November 11, 1999 12:10

References on Condensation
I'm starting a project titled: Computional Modeling of the Condensation process in Low Pressure Steam Turbines.

I will be writing a 2D, unsteady, finite volume code. At the present I'm starting with a 1D code.

Can any one tell me of good sources of information for this project. Papers, books, web pages.


Andrzej Matuszkiewicz November 11, 1999 17:05

Re: References on Condensation
S. Kotake & I. I. Glass, Flows with Nucleation and Condensation, Prog. Aerospace Sci. Vol. 19 (1989) pp. 129-196

I know that in UK prof. Bakhtar did a lot of work on 2D and 3D flows with condensation in steam turbines. It seems to me he is at the Uninversity of Manchester but I am not sure.


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